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Christine HigginsIn the Margins

In the Margins
Poems by Christine Higgins, Ann LoLordo, Madeleine Mysko, Kathleen O'Toole
Published by Cherry Grove Collections ©2017
56 pages
ISBN 9781625492203
Price: $16.00

made by what is left behind

The Poet's Bar, Baltimore, MD

Creation of the Book

"Over the years, the poets discovered that, though their voices remain distinct, they do share many things: roots in the Baltimore and East Coast region, a heritage of idealism that is both generational and spiritual, and a healthy dose of both reverence and rebellion. These poems are born of these convergences—and out of the critique and care for each other's work—have become shared creations. In the Margins celebrates resilience, longevity, and the craft that holds them together."

made by what is left behind

The four of us in Brooklyn doing
our own lopsided Abbey Road

Ann and Madeleine and Kathleen have been my friends for over 20 years. We have been together to celebrate marriage and birth, to offer solace in the face of grief, to share meals and laughter and milestones. These women have also been my poet guides for as many years. Together, we venture into new territory. We open our hearts and listen for what the poem wants to be, we offer insight and critique. One of my poems in this collection has the line, 'what hope, what shelter' That is what these three poets offer to me.

made by what is left behind

Ann and Madeleine down at the cottage helping me with Emily's book of poems



made by what is left behind

made by what is left behind

made by what is left behind







made by what is left behind

Madeleine and I in front of
the sign for our reading

Praise for the Book

“Like voices in a choir, this beautifully modulated quartet can sing in harmony or rise to the demands of a solo, so that the collection, taken as a whole, is even larger, richer and more resonant than its parts.”
—Elizabeth Spires
, Now the Green Blade Rises

Not mined gems, like rubies or diamonds

My Fortune

If I could have read
a fortune, when I was alone
in my airless New York apartment,
crying over another lost love,
it would have been: One day,
you will drive your teenage
daughter and her friend
through a countryside of corn
and horses and handmade fences
to a church camp for city kids
where they are volunteering, and
you will sing Beatles songs
together and plan a picnic dinner.
I would have found it
hard to believe
that my life would begin,
once I'd left what I thought
was the center of the universe.

reading In the Margins

made by what is left behind

Takoma Park

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In the Margins
Takoma Park 3rd Thursday Poetry Reading

rarer, the cobalt blue

Empty Pockets

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Podcast of In the Margins
Writers Live, Enoch Pratt Free Library


small enough to call them mermaid's tears

made by what is left behind






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