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Christine HigginsHallow

poems by Christine Higgins
Finishing Line Press ©2013
30 pages
ISBN 978-1-62229-285-1
Price: $10.00


In Threshold, Higgins is striving for definition of self. Looking back and looking forward, she lives in a tension of marriage, motherhood, and caretaking for aging parents. As poet, she celebrates the small miracles of domesticity, as she ventures on a spiritual quest for meaning.

Creation of the Book

"From the time I sat listening as a child at the dinner table, I have always been interested in stories. I had some great role
models around me, and I learned from them that the best stories were more
than re-telling what happened. The best
stories had insight and illumination, irony and humor, and poignancy."


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Praise for the Book

“Christine Higgins sees every sacred place, seared in memory, and shade of grief through the 'dew of forgiveness'—an extraordinary and rare stance.”–Lia Purpura, Increase

Photo of my Parents and Young Family

Marriage in ¾ Time:

Carry me over the threshold.
Carry me up the stairs.
Vouchsafe to protect my heart.
I lead with an iron foot.
Spinach and almonds are dry and sandy.
I'm awash. I'm adrift.
Your words are floating over me.
I'm trying to stay the course without
knowing what the course is.
I'm a little tired.
Who are you and what
could you mean to me?
Sunlight bathes the rooftops
while I'm sleeping.
Do you think we should re-paint the fence?
Twirl me around the kitchen.
I run hot and cold.
I am telling you something about me.
It's only the spider webs and Xmas lights
that are keeping me here.
A baby sleeps between us.
We walk the floor.

I'm thinking new thoughts.
It's time to mulch again.
Do we have to live like this?
Touch my soul under its very
slight tombstone, and
please, please sing to me.


—First published in the Eleventh MUSE, 2004
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

small enough to call them mermaid's tears

My Dad at the Beach


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